Lyndon Baines Johnson Early College High School


Campus Advisory Council

Campus Advisory Committee:

Our Campus Advisory Council meets every 2nd Tuesday of each month from 5:00 pm – 6 pm. We encourage you to please come out to learn about what’s happening on our campus. We welcome community input and feedback as we continue to discuss moving forward with our plans for 2020.

Our Co- Chair is Betty Johnson, parent and John Fletcher, teacher. Please feel free to stop by and join us at our next regularly scheduled meeting.

Meeting Dates below for the 2017-2018 school year:

September 12, 2017

October 10, 2017

November 14, 2017

December 12, 2017

January 9, 2018

February 13, 2018

March 22, 2018 @ Eastside Memorial Early College High School – 6pm

May 6, 2018 (date subject to change depending on EOC/STAAR Assessment)

For more information, please call the school at 512-414-2543

Coffee with the Principal:

Please join us for Coffee with the Principal on the same dates as our Campus Advisory Meeting. The time is 9:30 am – 10:30 am. We host both on the same dates so that our parents have an opportunity to either come in the mornings or the afternoons depending on their schedules.

Information discussed at the Coffee with the Principal is also shared at the CAC meeting as well. We welcome your input, suggestions, and recommendations.